Club Roles

Our vibrant club hums because we spread the workload around. Many hands make light work.  Here's what the current roles involve.

Last updated 11 April 2016


• Collate agenda items and chair club committee meetings • Prepare correspondence on behalf of the club (supported by Secretary and Communications Coordinator) • Respond to any issues or concerns from players or parents and liaise with age group coordinators about these • Decide on season dates, holidays, venues (supported by the Committee) • Distribute that agreed information to the committee so: Age Group Coordinators can allocate players to teams, Database Coordinator can set up in the database, and Communications Coordinator can communicate and update website • Act as a figurehead for the club, but anything tricky just refer it to the Committee who are there to support you every step of the way.


• Pay all invoices • Pay umpires weekly • Maintain petty cash floats - general and canteen • Maintain weekly reports summarising all transactions for the week - to assist with the reconciliation process and provide audit trails • Accept fee payments and bank the funds • Issue receipts for all payments received • Reconcile bank account weekly to ensure all items are accounted for and accounting system matches the bank account • Advise Registrations Coordinator of any payment of fees so they can match up with registration paperwork • Attend Committee meetings and prepare a Treasurer's Report - including bank account balance, financial reports (balance sheet and profit and loss reports), major expenses, fees outstanding • AGM - attend and prepare/present end of year financial reports • Organise an audit of financials at year end for submission to CAV • Collate expenditure details for any funding grants received and acquit these grants if necessary


• Collate agenda and distribute to committee members along with a meeting reminder • Take minutes for each committee meeting, collate these minutes and distribute to committee members • Collect all correspondence from post box and distribute accordingly • Liaise with Buffalo Stadium staff with regards to facility requirements (i.e. Courts and meeting room) • Liaise with Netball Victoria with regards to public liability, affiliation • Provide general committee support in the organisation and execution of summer and winter competitions.


• Handle all the incoming communications and enquiries about registering • Receive the paper registration forms and emailed registration forms • Enter or update player and team officials registrations and contact details for each season in the database • Assign a role and registration to each player • Coordinate with the Treasurer to check registration has been paid • Provide complete list of registrations per age group to the relevant Age Group Coordinators so they can allocate to teams • Set up NetSetGo program registration • So… basically everything to do with people registering, their contact details and their payment and keeping that current in database 

AGE GROUP CO-ORDINATORS (9U, 12U, 15U, 17U coordinators)

• Based on age registrations received, allocate players to teams to send team lists to Database Co-ordinator & Communications Co-ordinator • Generate team lists for the coaches • Make changes to teams if required after first two weeks • So… basically everything to do with managing comp for their age group.   (For the Summer season 17U coordinator also to collect scoresheets each week from all age group games and provide to Results Secretary for entry into MyNetball database)


• Based on the allocated team lists and comp details: • Set up the competition in the database including dates, holidays, venues, game times, game durations, team names, team squads • Set up and maintain groups (person filters) for the Communications & Website Coordinator (with help/advice from Allan & Sandra) • Generate the age group fixture (My Netball wizard does this) for the season to send to the Communications Coordinator • Manage any subsequent updates to any of this • Act as the primary contact with MyNetball for everything to do with the database • Provide database tips, advice and answer database questions (for Registrations Coordinator, Age Group Co-ordinators, Results Secretary) 


• Print out scoresheets from the myNetbal database for each grade season • Collect the scoresheets from the 17U Coordinator each week • Confirm which players played in MyNetball database each week • Enter scores for all teams in MyNetball database each week • Enter Best and Fairest votes in MyNetball database


• Communicate with and be the main contact for the team's players and their families • Liaise with the age group coordinator regarding any issues or ideas as required • Encourage and assist players with skills development and positive reinforcement • Encourage inclusive participation • Give the team members their position bibs at least 10 minutes prior to the game starting, ensure they are correctly attired with appropriate sports shoes & clothing, no jewellery & hair tied back, warm them up & do the centre pass toss with the oposition team ready to take the court on time • Rotate players in the younger age groups 12/u & 9/u as per the club's policy to ensure all players have the opportunity to try different positions and roles on the court • Encourage respectful & positive behaviour at all times towards coaches, officials, committee, opposition coaches and umpires • Encourage correct and respectful court ettiquete at all times • Be aware of the player code of behaviour and the general rules of the game and most importantly provide a positive role model and a fun experience for the players


 • Organise the weekly umpiring roster and advise umpires of the roster • Maintain a list of umpire contacts including additional emergency umpire costs • Provide a copy of the roster to the Treasurer to ensure umpire payments are ready for each week • At the start of each season determine which times umpires are available for • Be the contact point for any enquiries regarding becoming a trainee umpire • Liaise with experienced umpires as to their availability to shadow/mentor trainee umpires • Address any issues or concerns for umpires and any issues related to the umpires including feedback from the committee or changes to processes that effect the umpires eg Best and Fairest Voting


• Communicate club news on club website, club Facebook page, by email and SMS • In partnership with the President prepare a newsletter on a monthly basis and provide this to members • Update the website with teams and fixtures once determined for each competition • Communicate teams and fixtures to members via email/text • Maintain website ensuring information is up to date and relevant • Advertise competitions via various mediums including Facebook, school newsletters, Woodend Star, local paper


• Ensure the First Aid kit is stocked at the start of the season and replenished as required • Provide First Aid support at games when available in conjunction with other qualified first aid members • Complete injury forms for any injuries sustained during the season • Position requires a Level 2 qualification in First Aid or equivalent


• Identify tournaments that WDNC teams may wish to participate in • Register teams for each tournament • Arrange coaches and team managers for each team • Determine fees for tournament in conjunction with committee • Arrange for payment of fees by each player • Liaise with uniform coordinator to ensure all players have correct uniform • Organise squad bags including balls, bibs and first aid for each team • Organise umpires for Woodend teams or seek assistance from tournament organisers • Prepare tournament communications for players and parents