Teams Summer Season 2018

  • Teams are subject to change at the discretion of the club committee to keep the competition even and enjoyable for everyone.
  • For the summer season both training and competition play are all at Buffalo Stadium outdoor courts in Woodend on Friday afternoons as per below times.  
  • Cancellation due to weather - if the weather causes us to cancel play a text message will be sent as son as practical.
  • Uniform: black and white - each player to purchase their own (any clothing with pockets will need to be taped for play)
    o Girls: Black skirt or shorts, black or white top, runners (if you have old black & white uniform, use that)
    o Boys: Black shorts, black or white top, runners
  • Times 
  •  9/Under: 4.15pm      
    12/under: 5pm       
    15/under: 5:45       
    18/under: 6:15    

18 Under @ 6.15 - Fast Five format


Polly Reid

Molly Spencer-Stewart

Ruby Zumstein

Courtney Banner

Will Somers

Alex Kades

Lily Thomson

Alice Macdonald-Myers


Alex Banner

Molly Remwick

Jack Hansford

Scout Seeley

Tash McIntyre

Isabelle Luxmore

Issie Poole


Kate Mahon

Jessica Thorne

Brydie Ritchie

Harry Rowland

Joshua Smith

Charli Dobeson


Paige Cogger

Emma Cogger

Amanda Hickey

Bethany Reynolds

Jamie Taylor

Rylee Bone


15 Under @ 5.45 - Fast Five format


Clara Dooley

Hannah Dwyer

Sophie Platt

Miki Barclay- Smith

Tom George

Mitch Spencer

Bridget Macdonald – Myers

Xavier Shepherd


Charlotte Savage

Imogen Harrison

Emma McCalman

Abbey McCalman

Emily Miles

Sophie Manton


Jess Martin

Charlotte Dobeson

Kate Bartlett

Emma Cogger

Jemima Bradfield – Smith

Felicity Sutherland


Lucy Reid

Erin Stapley

Alice Macdonald – Myers

Mirabel Wood

Arielle Carlisle

Claudia Comte


 12 Under @ 5.00

Tracy’s Torpedoes:

Maddie Comte

Charlotte Pennefather

Emma Smith

Chloe McDonald

Audrey Cheetham

Rose Dawson

Anna Maloney

Brooke’s Bullets:

Emily Miles

Sophie Manton

Arabella Worm

Mariella Toomey Stephens

Tennyson Smith

Willow Gaw

Daisy Keniry

Wendy’s Winners:

Georgia Banner

Felicity Sutherland

Matilda Worm

Hayley Alexander

Grace Blackham

Mary Fox

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Scott’s Stars:

Mackenzie Smith

Milly Sims

Monique Parnis

Juliette Biesot

Olivia Hayes

Miah Kennedy

Safara Kennedy


9 Under @4:15


Lucy Kohne
Inga Foerster
Emily Carey
Evie Dowling
Eliza Roberts
Annie O’Connor
Lucca Hunt
Isabella Standen
Rose Doolan
Ralema Kome


Elena Keenan
Kitty Gaw
Sophie Padgett
Molly Wilding
Asha Duff-tytler
Martha Smart
Rosemary Sutherland
Gemma Reed
Lily Byrne


Imogen Fisher
Olivia Hardwick
Grace Redmond
Zara Crosbie
Zoey Randle
Lulu Smith
Sophie Kennedy
Matilda Waters
Lowenna Embury


Jewel Evans

Kyra Jansen

Lyla Brown

Lila Binney

Rosie Sutherland

Brooke Cavigan

Isabelle Lahtinen

Emily Stocker


12 and Under

  • Age Group Coordinator:  Sharyn Georges,, 0407 886 437
  • Play: Friday afternoons in Woodend
  • Training:tbc
  • Coaches: tbc
  • Teams:tbc
  • Players:
    • Aarons, Rachael
    • Bullock, Hannah
    • Buttner Mansell, Camille
    • Comte, Madeleine
    • Dean, Lily
    • Dooley, Clara
    • Dwyer, Hannah
    • Evans , Klem
    • Gehling, Sophie
    • Georges, Phoebe
    • Foerster, Frida
    • Harrison, Imogen
    • Koliba, Paige
    • MacDonald-Myers, Bridget
    • Marchant, Isabella
    • McCalman, Emma
    • Mckenna, Abbey
    • Miles, Emily
    • O'Brien, Darcie
    • Raco, Eva
    • Reid, Lucy
    • Smith, Julia K
    • Smith, Makenzie
    • Stapley, Erin
    • Tango, Eliza
    • Toomey Stevens, Isabella
    • Trevorrow, Eliza
    • Tucker, Charlie
    • Wilson, Maisie
    • Yap, Mathilda